We built the infrastructure works of our company, the seeds of which we sow with great enthusiasm for the first time in 2015, on solid foundations with great care and attention. As of 2016, we institutionalized our company under the name of NEVA, which means “kernel” and “seed”, with the sprouting of the seeds we sow. Our cold storage house, which is built on an outdoor area of 3500 m2 in central Kepez district of Antalya with an indoor area of 1500 m2 and with the capacity of 1260 tons, is being constructed by preferring most quality brands of cooling systems and by being equipped with cutting edge technology.

With our understanding that values human health before else and without compromising from quality, which is our most important principle from the start, we follow the products of our contracted manufacturers meticulously under the control of our agricultural engineers from the time when production begins until harvest period, and we aim to obtain superior quality in production. Harvested products are processed under hygienic conditions and under the control of our agricultural engineers in our facilities, and most suitable environment is established for each product, and then, they are taken from he storage area to preservation. We have the justified pride of delivering you our products with the quality they had in the beginning by maintaining their freshness and without breaking the cold storage chain from the start of production until the last chain of consumption.

Our company, who is a member of West Mediterranean Exporters Association (BAİB), is honoured and glad to maintain its services in the direction of its mission and vision values by renewing itself continuously on the road, which it took with the slogan of Neva, “a fresh breath of ait in freshness”.